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Wildlife photography lecture – Wild Kew lecture by Heather Angel

wildlife photography lecture

Wildlife Photography lecture – Wild Kew by Heather Angel

Kew is renowned as one of the world’s leading Botanic Gardens – with 300 acres plus the glasshouses a wide variety of plants from all over the world flourish here. Indeed, the diverse array of plants makes Kew a haven for wildlife throughout the year. It comes as a surprise to many visitors, that foxes and badgers, birds, insects and pond life frequent the world famous gardens that were declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003.

Throughout 2008 and into 2009 Heather had special access to Kew documenting the wildlife comings and goings for her book Heather Angel’s Wild Kew. The 2010 summer exhibition at Kew in the Nash Conservatory showed a selection of images from the book. In spring, enchanting wildfowl babies appear; summer flowers attract a host of insect pollinators; in autumn, parakeets and squirrels raid chestnuts while swans court in the depth of winter when coots fight on the frozen lake.

Having spent her life as a peripatetic photographer travelling all over the world, Heather relished working close to home in her favourite botanic garden. She has run an annual plant photography course at Kew since 1990, which now concentrates on macro photography – outside and indoors. Heather also runs half day workshops before the gardens open to the public and after the Princess of Wales Conservatory is closed – see Events.

To inquire about Heather’s Wildlife photography lecture showcasing  Kew’s wildlife, click on the contact page and include Wild Kew Lecture in the message box.

Autographed Copies of Heather Angel’s Wild Kew book are available for purchase at Heather’s lecture or from the Shop. There is a photographic tip on each spread and Kew’s top wildlife photogenic locations are pinpointed on a Kew map.