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Heather Angel – Chronology





Images of 6 flowers taken in visible and in UV light exhibited in the Princess of Wales
Pollination Power – due for publication early in October 2015 – is Heather’s 60th book
Visits Mexico, Picos de Europa, Spain for Pollination Power
Speaking at Kew Gardens first Literary Festival about Pollination Power

Gave Macro Seminar for Amateur Photographer 28 November
Spoke at Photo Live in Leeds 23 August and in London 6 September
Visits Tanzania, South Africa, Tajikstan  & Uzbekistan for Pollination Power

Images of 7 natural patterns selected for the 2013 Edinburgh International Science Exhibition ‘Patterns in Nature’
Spoke at Photo Live in London 26 and 27 October
Visits the Canaries, Sardinia, Kazakhstan for Pollination Power

Outdoor Digital Photography: 101 Top Tips published
Images of 2 flowers taken in visible and in UV light selected for the 2012 Edinburgh
International Science Exhibition ‘Making the Invisible Visible’
Gave Macro Seminar for Amateur Photographer 29 August
Visits Turkey, Costa Rica for Pollination Power

New site launched
Visits Maritime Alps, Dolomites, Australia, Chile for Pollination Power

Wild Kew Exhibition on view in Nash Conservatory in Kew Gardens during summer
Exploring Natural China published
Gave Macro Seminar for Amateur Photographer 17 November
Visits China (twice); South Africa for Pollination Power

New site launched for Heather Angel and Giles Angel workshops and one-to-one
Snow Monkeys  published with Heather’s first haiku in print; ; Living Dinosaurs and Heather Angel’s Wild Kew  published
Interviewed by Jenni Murray on Woman’s Hour – 4 August 2009 – re Wild Kew and her life as a photographer
Visits Australia, China (5 times)

Panda; Green China published
Visits China (twice); India
Interview on Woman’s Hour – 2008 – re Panda

MacroThrough a Nikon lens; Puffins; Ocean Life; Giant Pandas published
Visits China (6 times); Japan   

Giant pandas published
Visits Japan, Iceland, Australia

2005 initial site launched site with 24,000 images online by Heather Angel and associates
Giant Pandas published
Visits USA; France; Spitzbergen

Begins writing haiku
Natural Visions UK tour continues
Visits China; Greenland; Iceland; Madagascar

2003 online launched with 12,000 images
Natural Visions exhibition on view in Beijing, sponsored by the British Council
Natural Visions UK tour continues
Visits Japan; China; Gibraltar; Alaska; Iceland
Interview on Woman’s Hour – 28 August 2003 – re Natural Visions

Natural Visions exhibition on view in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and in Cairo, Egypt, sponsored by the British Council
Natural Visions UK tour continues
Visits USA (Colorado and Washington); China; Japan; Egypt; Iceland; Malaysia; Botswana

Lectures at First International Nature Photography Festival, Ede, Netherlands
Natural Visions UK tour continues
Visits USA (Florida); Midway Atoll; Finland; Iceland; Brazil; Argentina; Botswana and Namibia

Lectures at NANPA 2000 in Austin, Texas
Natural Visions begins UK tour
Visits Japan; Kuril Islands and Kamchatka; Iceland; Canada (B.C. and Alberta); Finland; Namibia and Botswana

Gives 4 lectures at First South African International Wildlife and Photographic Convention in Kruger Park, South Africa
Visits Botswana; Iceland; Poland; Ireland; Spain; South Africa

Elected 1998 Louis Schmidt Laureate (Premier annual award of BioCommunications Association of USA). Gives keynote lecture
Visits China; USA (Wyoming, Maine and Colorado); Poland; Iceland; Canada; Botswana

Gives keynote lecture Wildlife Photography – a Science or an Art? at Lancaster University during Science Engineering and Technology Week (SET97)Visits China; USA (Texas, Colorado and New Mexico); Zambia; Botswana; Madagascar

Lectures at NANPA Forum in San Diego
Gives Ilford Seminar at Focus ’96
BBC TV – Country File – 5 minute slot on how to photograph flowers
Launches English Nature’s Veteran Tree Initiative at Croft Castle
Lectures to British Forces at RAF Mount Pleasant, Falkland Islands
Visits USA (California, Montana, New Mexico and Wyoming); Spain; China; Falklands and South Georgia

British Council in Delhi commissions Heather to document the Biodiversity of the Himalaya.
Lectures to British Council, Delhi, India
Lectures to Eastman Kodak (USA) Marketing Sector
Features in Granada TV programme This Morning on how to get the best out of photographing your dog
Visits USA (Wyoming); India (Himalayas); Honduras; Morocco; New Zealand & Sub-antarctic islands and China to photograph pandas for the first time

Appointed Soecial Professor in Department of Life Sciences at Nottingham University
Features in BBC TV programme Tracks explaining how to get true blues in bluebells
Visits Antarctica; Canada (Quebec); USA (Wyoming & Montana); Indonesia; Kenya; Falklands & Antarctica

Visits USA (California, Utah and Alaska); Cyprus; USA (Montana & Oregon), Russia (Bering Sea & Chukotka Peninsula)

Lectures on Environmental Photography for Hasselblad at PHOTOKINA ’92
Visits Japan; USA (Montana, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado); Mexico; Kenya; USA (Alaska); Canada (British Columbia and Canadian Rockies)

Guest of week on BBC Woman’s Hour, July
Demonstrates photographic techniques for BBC TV Gardener’s World
Visits USA (Montana and Alaska); Costa Rica; France

Visits Canada; Japan; Canada (NWT) and Manitoba; Kenya; Italy; India

Solo exhibition The Art of Wildlife Photography at Nature in Art, Gloucestershire
Visits Mexico; Spain; Italy; China; Greenland; Canada (British Columbia and Manitoba); France; China

Contributes to one programme in series Nocon on Photography
Gives Keynote lecture at APSCON ’88 (Australian Photographic Society’s Annual Conference)
Gives second RPS Presidential Address – Photography as a tool in Garden Design
Contributes to Mastering Photography (BBC Overseas Service)
Visits USA (Utah; California and Alaska); Mexico; Canaries; China, Australia

Exhibition Nature in Focus at Natural History Museum, London
Visits China; Portugal; USA (South Carolina & Georgia)

Receives Honorary Doctorate of Science from the University of Bath, December
Exhibition Nature in Focus at Aberystwyth Arts Centre
Exhibition Gardens in Focus at Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh
Lecturer at The English Gardening School, at the Chelsea Physic Garden
Visits China; Kenya; USA (South Carolina & Georgia; Maine; Philadelphia; North Carolina)

Leads first photographic delegation to China organised by Great-Britain China Centre
Lectures in Shanghai and Beijing. Exhibition of 60 prints staged in Beijing, China
Dines at 10 Downing Street as guest of the Right Hon. Margaret Thatcher during visit of Chinese premier
Photographs HRH The Prince of Wales in his wild flower meadow at Highgrove for the cover of Natural World to launch The British Wildlife Appeal
Kodak commissions 1987 calendar on the river Thames
Gives first Royal Photographic Society (RPS) Presidential Address – The Evolution of Nature Photography
Visits China, USA

1984 – 86
President of the Royal Photographic Society

Major Kodak touring exhibition A Camera in the Garden opens
Commissioned by Italian magazine Gardenia to photograph the vegetation on Mount Ruwenzori in Uganda
Guest of week on BBC Woman’s Hour
Demonstrates photographic techniques for BBC TV Nature
Awarded Medaille de Salverte by Société Française de Photographie
Gives first Bath University Royal Photographic Society lecture on Water Magic
Visits China for the first time and Uganda

One hour TV documentary features life and work of Heather made by a Japanese TV company shot in her Surrey studio and on location in the Channel Islands and Sri Lanka
Demonstrates photographic techniques for TV series Me and My Camera II
Demonstrates photographic techniques for BBC TV Gardener’s World
Heather Angel’s Natural History Calendar
(1984) published
Lectures at RSPB Annual Conference
Visits Sri Lanka, Japan and USA

Two solo 1993 calendars published:Heather Angel’s Birds of Britain in their Natural Habitat for the RSPB and The ‘Aquarian’ Collection
Presents ten 8-minute slots on countryside for Making the most of … (Yorkshire TV 1982-3).
Visits USA (New England)

Major Kodak touring exhibition The Natural History of Britain and Ireland opens at the Science Museum in London
Demonstrates photographic techniques for TV series Me and My Camera 1
Heather Angel’s 1982 Abbey National Calendar published

Commissioned by packager George Rainbird to produce 350 final pictures for the book The Natural History of Britain and Ireland (published 1981)
Gives lecture at World Photographic Congress, Singapore

Visits USA

Visits Australia; South Africa

Son Giles born 25 May
Visits France

Becomes founder Chair of the RPS Nature Group
Visits USA for fall colours; New Zealand for tuatara and other endemic species

Awarded Royal Photographic Society (RPS) Hood Medal for “her contribution to the advancement of nature photography through her books, her teaching, her exhibition work and her encouragement of other nature photographers”
Visits Galapagos for the second time

Becomes Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography

Visits Seychelles

First book Nature Photography: Its art and Techniques, published by Fountain Press
Visits Galapagos for the first time

Becomes Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society

A scientific paper, based on Heather’s MSc thesis, is published jointly with Martin Angel: Distribution pattern analysis in a marine benthic community. Helgolander wiss. Meeresuntes, 15, pp 445-454

Becomes Associate of the Royal Photographic Society

Tutors various natural history courses for Adult Education Departments at London and Southampton Universities, including some on nature photography

Works as part-time assistant plankton sorter at the National Institute of Oceanography

Marries Martin Angel in London in October

Completes MSc thesis on Analysis of a Marine Benthic Community in July 1965
Begins to tutor evening classes on marine biological topics for Bristol University Extra-Mural Department

Her 21st birthday present from her father is an Exakta SLR camera, used to document marine life found in Norway

Participates in Bristol – Norway Underwater Expedition to Norway, where she cooks for eight men and scuba-dives in Fana Fjord. Her future husband, Martin Angel, is also on this expedition.

Zoology degree at Bristol University, graduates 1962.
Founder member of Bristol University Underwater Society

Attends 14 schools in England and New Zealand in as many years as the daughter of an RAF Officer who was constantly on the move

Born Heather Hazel Le Rougetel on 21 July
Father: Stanley Paul Le Rougetel
Mother: Hazel Marie Le Rougetel (née Sherwood)