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Pollination Power  (2015)

Working at the RBG Kew, in her own garden and travelling to 20 countries, Heather Angel has captured images that portray the interaction of plants with their floral visitors. They provide an intriguing insight into how flowers communicate with their pollinators. Some change colour – over all or part of the flower – when the flower no longer has rewards on offer. Others control precisely when pollinators enter or leave by the time they open and close their petals or when they emit a scent. Some fascinating pollination stories are highlighted here.

The images range from intricate macro studies to wildlife shots, combining scientific accuracy with a strong pictorial appeal. Focus stacking was used to enhance the depth of field for three dimensional flowers and high speed flash to capture pollen release by simulating buzz pollination.  In addition, ultra violet flash reveals UV floral guides hidden to our eyes.

224  pages and over 200 colour images – mostly full pages.

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Pollination Power

Digital Outdooor Photography:101 Top Tips (2012)
Drawing on her experience of working outdoors at locations as diverse as Alaska, Botswana, China, Iceland and Antarctica,  Heather reveals her 101 best tips for photographing the natural world. Each tip is filled with practical advice, exotic stories and striking imagery as Heather covers the essential gear, latest digital technology and proven techniques, whilst revealing clever tricks that will enhance your images.
Separate sections include topics such as Camera Supports, Composition, Enhance the Light, Work the Weather, Action Shots, Magic of Macro and so much more ….  With tips you need to know before you leave home and while you are away, this book will enable you to take great wildlife, landscape and macro images – wherever you travel.176 pages  308 colour images
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Exploring Natural China (2010)
Heather’s latest book is a beguiling natural history travelogue with stunning landscapes as well as native fauna and flora by a naturalist/biologist who has travelled extensively in China. Exploring Natural China reflects the growing interest in eco-tourism within this vast country spanning 35º latitude.
During her travels Heather Angel not only saw iconic pandas and Amur tigers but also pink dolphins in Hong Kong and she followed a family of endangerd gibbons for three days In Yunnan. Over 250 photos taken in 13 offbeat locations show the notable plants and wildlife in scenery ranging from bamboo forests, tropical rainforests to alpine pastures. Detailed maps encourage you to follow in Heather’s footsteps, while her ‘Travellers’ Tips’ covers all the things – from how to order food to what mains adapters to take – that you wish you had known before you left home. A special section ‘Back from the Brink’ features five endangered species and explains the efforts being made to ensure their survival.
Heather’s favourite image: a mother white-cheeked gibbon with her baby in tropical rainforest appears on pages 120-1, 128 and 129.
Exploring Natural China is essential reading for anyone planning to explore the wilder parts of China as well as armchair travellers who prefer to sit back and learn more about this enigmatic country.
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Wild Kew
The diverse array of plants at Kew is a haven for wildife throughout the year. Heather spent most of 2008 on a voyage of discovery, often working at dawn and dusk. Over 350 images were finally selected to illustrate the book that reflects the seasons. Each spread is devoted to a specific topic with informative text and a relevant Photo Tip. Topics range from Water Babies, Leftover Lunches and Alien Invaders to Shady Characters and Stag Nights.
Heather’s favourite image: a shoal of rudd swimming over green algae appears on page 79.
Essential reading for anyone who enjoys wildlife and plans to visit Kew, also a perfect gift for wildlife enthusiasts, naturalists and photographers – a real bargain!
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Snow Monkeys
Japan’s sole monkey – the Japanese macaque – lives both in subtropical lowlands and in subalpine regions. The animals living in the Japanese Alps, where snow blankets the ground for most of the winter, are affectionately called snow monkeys and have become a great tourist attraction. Here, macaques enjoy warming up in a natural hot pool. In this enchanting book, Heather unravels how these monkeys live in troops: showing them in different seasons bathing and drinking in the hot pool, grooming, feeding, youngsters playing with snowballs and heart-warming shots of newborns with their mothers. There are unique shots of a mother diving underwater with her newborn, torn between the natural instincts of clinging tightly to its mother, or letting go to reach the surface to breathe.
Heather’s favourite image: a doleful-eyed baby macaque sits on the ground framed by its mother’s legs which it grasps with its hands appears on page 45.
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Puffins are my favourite seabirds and the most productive place to work is Iceland  – the Atlantic puffin capital of the world. Here I took some fun shots of puffins plucked from the cliff top in a gale, hovering like hawks. Their feet, wings and tail are clearly all askew from the powerful wind.
Heather’s favourite image:  a puffin portrait in the rain appears on the front jacket.
On my last shoot sitting on a rain sodden island off Mull, a puffin came ashore with silver jewel-like raindrops on its black head. Like all puffins, it constantly moved its head from side to side. As I was stuck there until the boatman came, I sat down and 3GB later I had the head-on jacket shot.
Review in Outdoor Photography
“Puffins are gregarious seabirds and one of the most popular wildlife species of the British Isles. Heather Angel – wildlife photographer and zoologist – reveals the breeding, fishing and nesting habits of these loveable birds. The book also documents how they are affected by climate change and over-fishing, and offers photographic hints and tips on capturing these photogenic birds.”
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Panda (2008)
For Heather’s third panda book many thousands of shots taken over a 13-year period and 7 trips to Wolong, in Sichuan Province were finally distilled down to 200 images. They show pandas feeding, drinking, playing, climbing trees and lounging; thereby providing an insight into this iconic animal’s way of life; with each picture having an extended caption.
Heather’s favourite image: a giant panda slides down a snowy slope appears on pages 108-9.
A nonchalant stroll up a slope suddenly turns into a nightmare descent for a panda. Losing its balance on the snow, it slithers unceremoniously on its back; head downwards, with all four limbs in the air. Tracks found by researchers in deep snow show that a panda will toboggan down a slope on its belly, apparently for fun!
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Only £12.50 each incuding postage within the UK