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Blue tit feeding Cornus fruit

Seed dispersal

Blue tits love feeding on ripe Japanese dogwood (Cornus kousa) fruits; this one has extracted a seed. Instead ofView full post »

Mother white cheeked gibbon with newborn

A High Rise Family

A mother white-cheeked gibbon pauses on a branch with her two-week-old baby that clings to her immediately it isView full post »

Male golden pheasant with bluebells

Combine wildlife with flowers

East meets West: male golden pheasant amongst bluebells in the Conservation Area, Kew Gardens As a wildlifeView full post »

An autumnal fruit feast

Blackberries and rosehips intermingle within a Hampshire hedgerow The bountiful fruit crop here in southern BritainView full post »

A Seeing Eye – Penguin casts a Concorde shadow 1999

African penguin (Spheniscus demersus) casts a novel Concorde shadow late in day on Boulders Beach, the Cape, SouthView full post »

Low angle Photography for impact

Whether taking wildlife or flowers, the easy option is to shoot either by standing and raising a camera to your eyeView full post »